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Marching J full report XD

So, I completely did not have any time to post reports about the Marching J event, because I pretty much spent 3 days of standing in line, going home to sleep, waking up at 4am and going back to stand in line, lol ;^^ Quite possibly the most exhausting thing I have ever done... lol ;^^ But that's not the important part, right? Hehe XD

So, the highlights were of course first off being smiled at by Nino! (OMG!) Then having Kanjani8 get all hyper at us for being gaijin, lol, and lastly getting a "I am slightly confused, but... hi?" wave from Oh-chan today, lol ;^^

This report is probably gonna get super long, so I'll split into the 3 days to make it easier to read :D

Day 1

First a little bit of pre-day 1, lol. So, the day they announced this event of course aishitsuzukeru mailed me flailing about it (at 7am no less! :P) and she decided to come down for all three days, along with our friend A-san. Also my friend T-chan decided to come along with us. ktmonkeyj was also supposed to come, but ended up not being able to, waah! So, they got here on Thursday, we watched the HnA special, then went to sleep in order to get up at 4am to head out to Marching J ;^^

When we got there, there were of course already a whole bunch of people lining up, so when we got into the venue we ended up being about in the middle between the stage and the big screen in the back. Before they started the event they were playing little bits of PVs on the back screen and all the girls would scream whenever a new group came on... which was all kinds of annoying, lol. I mean c'mon, it's a PV, and if you're a fan, you've seen it already! But the screaming fangirls got more annoying later, lol.

When the event started the groups who came out were, in this order... NEWS (Yamapi was there even though lots of people thought he wouldn't be able to make it because of his concerts in Osaka this weekend XD), KAT-TUN, TOKIO.... ARASHI!! (Followed by all kinds of crazy screams from everyone nearby... including us, haha ;^^) Then of course Macchy came out as well to give the opening greeting. All the groups talked as well, but we couldn't hear a word anyone was saying, gah!! Every time someone would start talking all the girls around us would start screaming, and then keep screaming through the entire talk! And people kept going "OMG, OMG, he's so hot, OMG" I wanted to punch someone in the face! If you like him so much maybe you should LISTEN TO WHAT HE'S SAYING! GAH!!! Also at one point the girl behind us got on her phone, called her friend and flailed about everyone who was there, aaaah!! aishitsuzukeru actually turned around and told her to turn the other way if she wanted to talk because we were actually trying to listen. At any rate it was super annoying. The only people we could kind of hear was Sho because he spoke rather clearly and loudly, and a bit of Oh-chan. Nino was also speaking pretty loudly, but this stupid girl next to me kept screaming practically in my ear so I couldn't hear what he said :( Now I need to go watch all the news clips in order to see what they were saying.

Then after they finished their speeches, they started moving the line through. The way it worked was the Juniors were holding the donation boxes at the front and you would put your money in and then walk right in front of the stage to get out. As people were going by the members who were up on stage would wave and say thank you, etc. So, we were making our way up to the stage in a nice orderly fashion, until we were about to get to the donation boxes... and then they announced that NEWS had to leave to go to meeting (they probably had to do it before Pi left for Osaka) and once they said that all the girls who were almost to the front started screaming, swarming and pushing! We were pretty much crushed in the rage of crazy fangirls and with reminiscence of Yamapi's handshake event, aishitsuzukeru and I were torn apart and couldn't get back to each other. I managed to stay with T-chan, and A-san was kind of close by aishitsuzukeru, but by the time we got passed the donation boxes NEWS was long gone, which was a bummer for T-chan, because she is a huge NEWS fan (and was resigned to the fact that Yamapi wouldn't be there, and then he was! And then... he was gone, sadness T-T)

So, the two of us donated our money. I smiled at the little junior boy holding the box, but he looked frightened, haha! I guess he was probably overwhelmed by the amount of crazy people pushing through right before us, lol. Then the staff tried to push me out but I got back to T-chan and we walked right by TOKIO (I completely did not see any of them because Arashi was standing on the other side of the stage, haha! I had absolutely no ability to look at anyone else, lol!) TOKIO was standing on the right side of the stage, and NEWS had been behind them. Then Arashi was on the left with KAT-TUN behind them. And from my point of view Arashi was standing Sho, Nino, Aiba, Leader, MatsuJun... so as I walked by I looked at Sho-chan and he made eye contact and nodded, and then... I looked at Nino and turned into a horrible drooling idiot, haha! I probably seriously had my mouth hanging wide open, I was grabbing on to my friends arm (I have no idea who she was looking at or what she was doing, haha) And I stared at him until he looked at me... and then he smiled! XDDDDDDDDDDD!! Aaaaa... I can die happy now, lol ;^^ Nino~<33333!!!! And then the staff members ushered us out and I didn't realize until we couldn't see them anymore that I totally forgot to look at anyone else! HAHA! Nino broke my brain, lol XDDDD I think my love for him is unhealthy, lol XD

And since I had been (violently) separated from aishitsuzukeru, I didn't actually get to see this event unfold, but as she passed by apparently Sho, Nino and Aiba were all talking to eachother, so she tried to walk as slowly as possible in order to get their attention... but instead MatsuJun was staring at her like "What is she doing!?" and when she looked at him he made eye contact and she freaked out and waved and said "HI!", haha! He apparently waved and said "Hi" back as well. And then she was ushered out thinking "OMG! Why MatsuJun!?!?!", lol ;^^ I'm sorry!!!! But now we have decided that Jun is her new best friend, haha! 'cause he talked to her XDDD

So, after we all got out and managed to find eachother again we flailed about our perspective "encounters", lol, and then thought that maybe if we got back in line we'd be able to see them again! So, we got in line, but by that time it was super long (or at least so we thought ;^^) and then someone tweeted that Arashi had left... so we figured we might as well go get some lunch since we were kind of dying at that point... however once we got out of the line and walked toward the station we saw that Arashi was still there!! (You could see the stage from the street, just very far away) But since they had to go to the rehearsal for Music Station that night they ended up leaving a little while after that, so even if we had stayed in the line we wouldn't have been able to make it back in before they left. So, we went to eat and on the way back there were staff members at the station holding up signs saying that they were no longer letting anyone get in line (this was at about noon-ish?). We decided to pass by on the way to Shibuya (where we were gonna take pictures of Sho's mannequin 5 billboard XD) just to see who was there. As we passed by it was Hey!Say! and Tackey&Tsubasa, so we looked at them for a little while and then moved on our way, hehe. But when we passed the end of the line we saw that people were still getting in although there was a guy with a sign saying that entrance was canceled, so we figured lining up behind that guy would do no good, but A-san decided that she wanted to try. She ended up being able to get in, and she saw V6 and a couple other people I think. But aishitsuzukeru, T-chan and I headed to Shibuya and took pictures of this!


Then we went to T.G.I Friday's to eat appetizers and dessert XDD And then went home to watch Music Station and then go to sleep immediately after since we needed to wake up at 4am the next day as well... ;^^

Day 2

Since day 2 was a Saturday we were of course worried there would be more people than the previous day, and we were correct. We got there earlier than the first day but were farther back in the line. When we got into the venue we were in the back by the big screen. But this day they were doing things a little bit differently. I think they learned from the chaos of the first day. They had us sitting in blocks so we could go in in an orderly fashion... however this didn't last all day of course... ;^^

After they got everyone (who could fit) into the venue area we sat down and were given a huge long speech by the announcer guy who was running the event... and he was angry! He explained that the reason the line was closed off early the day before was not because there was too many people to get in, but because there were too many people breaking the rules. You were supposed to just walk through to donate your money and leave in an orderly fashion, but people were all stopping and just standing there waiting for a group to come out that they wanted to see. (Not to mention all the people breaking the "no photos" rule blatantly as the staff yelled "No photos!!!" over and over again) So the announcer guy gave us a long lecture about how we needed to follow the rules and that if we weren't there to help in the charity and we were only there to see our favorite artists that we should go home. He seriously told people to get out... of course no one got up and left or anything, but still, you could tell that he was angry ;^^

Anyway, after that he told us that they would start once the artists arrived, and then out came V6~ aishitsuzukeru was happy because we had missed them by not lining up a 2nd time on the first day. And this time since it was the 2nd day there were no speeches or anything, they just started letting people through to donate. So, the girls in the front who had lined up from who knows what hour of the day were out of there in less than a minute, I felt kinda bad for them :( But we were in the back so it of course took us a while to get through, and as we were making our way up we could see them on the screen, and Inocchi was being really really super genki, lol. And then before we made it up all the way out came ABCz, Toma, Uchi and Yara. So, I was super excited to see Toma XDD Then when we got up to the front the announcer said that V6 would be coming down to donate at the donation boxes!! Just as we were coming up to donate!!! So they came down off the stage and they had one big clear box at the end of the table where they were going to put their money (so you could see how much they donated? lol) And aishitsuzukeru made her timing just right so she was putting her money in at the exact same time as Inocchi, haha! So she got to touch his hand, lol. Then after I put my money in I looked up to see Toma, but he had come off the stage as well to go donate and was totally looking the opposite way as I passed by him, noooo~ Toma~~!!!!!! So, I walked pretty much right by him but failed at having any type of contact, lol. Then as we walked by the stage only ABCz was still up there, but Kawai-kun smiled and waved at us. He was cute :D

Then, we decided that we wanted to line up again to see if there would be someone else that we wanted to see, but we were really exhausted so we grabbed something to eat in the park first. And we were probably only there for like 15mins until we realized that the line... was coming into the park! So we were like, uh oh, this isn't good. And decided that we needed to get into the line as quickly as possible. We made the mistake of thinking that it would be easy to get in the line again like it was the day before, but since it was no longer a weekday, and since everyone probably had heard about the first day and decided to come, there was WAY more people! And so we got in line... and we walked non-stop for a total of 5 and 1/2 hours!! GAH!! The line went around Yoyogi park, down the street towards Shinjuku, going past Yoyogi Park station and then back around, across to the big walking area by the 体育館 and completely filling up that area by snaking back and forth, before going back in to the grounds (after which of course it snaked around every possible empty space within the grounds before making it to the venue area. Here's a small glimpse of what it was like...

This is outside the 体育館 area...

Anyway, not only was the line super long, but because the event was pretty much just walking through, it means there wasn't any time that you actually had to stop and wait for a long time before moving. So, we were honestly walking without a break for 5 and 1/2 hours... T-T

Then, when we got into the venue area SMAP and KAT-TUN were on stage :D We could hear Nakai-kun's voice even before getting into the area, lol XD But when we got to the back where the screen was we realized that they were showing anything on it anymore!! Because too many people were taking pictures of the screen (you could also see it from the street) and posting them on twitter and such... they stopped showing what was going on on the screen T-T So, we could just hear what they were saying while we were in the back. And then there is this space in the middle where you can't really hear the front speakers or the back speakers and you can't see the stage so you don't know what's going on for a little while. And then we heard them announce that Nakayama Yuuma and Hasegawa Jun were coming out... and then they said that SMAP was leaving!! And we were like "Noooo~!!!!", I totally wanted to see Goro-chan, lol. I used to LOVE him when I was in high school, haha ;^^ But we were only bummed for a short period of time because next they announced that... Kanjani was coming out!! Of course aishitsuzukeru freaked out, hehe. And then right before we got up there KAT-TUN also left, lol. So, all who were left on stage was Eito, Yuuma and HaseJun. And the second we got out there the Eito members started noticing us, lol. First Hina waved at us, then Yasu, then as we moved on aishitsuzukeru was looking at Ohkura, but Maru was waving frantically trying to get our attention, haha! It's the first time that the boys were the ones trying to get people's attention instead of the other way around, lol. So, we waved super happily back at Maru and then Yoko who was next to him was like "There's foreigners here" into the mic, lol. And then he started waving and then he tried to say something to me, which I for the life of me had no idea what it was, lol. So, I just smiled and nodded, haha! And after aishitsuzukeru was done being distracted by Maru she noticed Yoko trying to talk to us as well, but she couldn't figure out what he was saying either, haha! Why didn't he just use the mic!! We figured they weren't supposed to talk directly to the people up there 'cause other people might get upset? (Except that NEWS members today were totally talking to people using the mics, so I dunno). Anyway, we thought he was either saying "doko?" like trying to ask where we were from, or "Hello", haha! But he just kept mouthing it, lol, speak up boy! But it was funny and they were super cute! Also Ryo noticed us but just kinda did a little "I'm so cool" nod, lol.

After that we pretty much felt like we were going to die from the constant walking and pretty much no sleep so we went to eat at Yama-chans, and sit down! OMG, I never knew sitting was such a great thing until this weekend, lol. Then we went home and were so happy that there was no Shiyagare which means we didn't need to stay awake, lol. So, I went to sleep at 9pm, lol. Giving me an amazing 7 hours of sleep, which was a huge lifesaver in the morning.

Day 3

So, on day 3 we had two more friends joining us, L-san and A-chan (one of aishitsuzukeru's students, and since we weren't all coming together we ended up getting in at slightly different times and they were running the line differently where they started letting people into the gate instead of having us line up outside and then go in. So we had to wait till everyone was together to go in. But we figured it was OK, since we didn't want to be in the very front anyway after seeing how quickly it went by for the people the day before.

When we finally got into the venue area we were in the back by the screen again... however, that doesn't mean that we were in the same spot as the day before because they weren't letting anyone sit down this time! Instead they were packing everyone in like sardines. So we were probably quite farther back than we were the day before.

Before they started the screen turned on and groups appeared giving everyone messages about how they should follow the rules and help out... however, everyone was just screaming whenever their group came on screen, so they were again not listening at all to what they were saying ;^^ We could tell that the videos were filmed on the first day, because they went in the order that the groups had arrived that day (and people were wearing the clothes they had on that day, which by the way I forgot to mention that everyone was wearing their own clothes, no stylists or anything)

Then they announced that the first group was there and it was... Hey!Say!Jump! Nooooooo~!!! So A-chan freaked out since she's a high school student, haha! And then they announced that B.I. Shadow was coming out and she died, lol. Apparently her favorite Johnny's is a member of B.I. Shadow, and she had been freaking out just seeing him on the screen earlier so she was like in shock with her mouth wide open when they came out, lol. Of course she was the only one who was excited... lol... we are all way too old to like Hey!Say! or any of the Juniors ;^^

So, we went through at a nice pace, and when we got up there A-chan wanted to give her money to the Junior who is apparently Koki's younger brother, so we maneuvered our way to him and she asked if she could shake his hand but he said he couldn't, aww, and then we went through. aishitsuzukeru and I waved at Chinen because he's cute and likes Oh-chan, haha! And then we were through... not much excitement, except for A-chan who was pretty much speechless for a little while, hehe.

Then we figured that this day would be worse than the previous day, so if we wanted to go again we needed to get back in line right away. However, somewhere during the parade to the stage I had twisted my ankle or done something equally horrible and could barely walk because I had a shooting pain going up my leg... but that wasn't going to stop me from possibly seeing Arashi again, haha ;^^ I think we are all insane actually.... so, I hobbled into line with everyone and started on our 6 and 1/2 hour trek back into the venue T-T I tried all kinds of things, like changing my shoes, stretching every time we could stop walking for about 3 seconds, walking on only my toes until my other ankle felt like it was going to break... until finally we went into the park (the course for the line was different today, we started in Meiji Shrine went out into Yoyogi park and circled around all the people doing hanami, lol, and then went across and into the grounds). So, when we were circling around the park we passed by some bathrooms and decided to go in shifts so we could get back into the line. And because of that I was able to sit for maybe 5 minutes while waiting! And it was such a lifesaver! My feet were still exploding in pain the rest of the time, but getting to sit and stretch my ankle made the shooting pain come less often XD

So, I managed to hobble my way into the venue again and when we were coming in SMAP was on stage so we were happy thinking we'd finally get to see them... until we got to the screen in the back and they announced... SMAP needs to go, gaaaah!! So, once again we heard but did not see SMAP, lol. So, after SMAP left they announced that NEWS was coming out!! But it was only 4 of the members because Yamapi was in Osaka doing his concerts and Ryo-chan was filming for his drama. But we listened to them talk by the speakers and it was kinda funny and cute. They kept saying "Sorry, I'm not Yamapi", haha! And talking to the people passing by, so it was fun to listen to. Then KissMy came out, and then they announced that Toma was coming out!! So, I got excited again that I might get to actually wave to him XD But then!!! They announced that.... 3 Arashi members were there!!! MatsuJun, Aiba and Oh-chan~!!! Nino and Sho couldn't make it because of work schedules T-T Nino~!!!!!!

So, we moved along and after we got passed the Bermuda Triangle area where you can't hear or see anything we noticed that the three of them were not on stage anymore, nooooo~!!!! At first we thought that they were sent off stage because when they came EVERYONE screamed and freaked out and started pushing and shoving and running. And actually on one of the other days they had temporarily sent everyone off stage and said if people didn't behave they wouldn't let them back out. So we were like "OMG, this sucks so much!", until I heard Massu say "It's not everyday you get to be so close to Arashi members", which made me think they were were still there! But we couldn't see them... and then after a little while the announcer said "OK, let's bring Arashi members who were down giving donations back up on stage", and then we realized they had gone down to donate and stand by the boxes for a little while!! (This is something they started on the 2nd day, when V6 did it). So, the reason Massu said that was that the people donating at that time got to be right across the table from them! Ahhh!!!! But anyway, we were just happy that they hadn't been sent away and were still there (and it turned out that they stayed there until the very end XD)

But before we got up there, the NEWS members and KissMy had to leave. So again T-chan was bummed, she never got to see NEWS right at the stage :(

But it was really funny, because as we were headed up we were talking about the clothes they were wearing and noticed that Oh-chan was wearing the same thing we had worn on Friday, haha! And we were thinking maybe he was wearing a different colored shirt and just the same jacket. The shirt was black, and we thought it might look a little purple today, but then we realized that it really was the same exact shirt when Aiba said "Umm, can I just ask one question.... Leader, are you wearing the same clothes as Friday!?", haha!! It was awesome!! And he admitted it, lol XD And then! He and MatsuJun switched jackets, haha!

Anyway, when we got up to the boxes, V6 members Nagano and Sakamoto were at the boxes along with Toma... but Toma was on the opposite side so I didn't get to see him... again! Waaah!! But I got a nice smile and thank you from Sakamoto-kun :D However, as we were going up to the boxes they announced that Higashiyama-sempai was coming out!!! Which should have been exciting except for the fact that when someone new comes out they introduce themselves and talk a bit with the people who are on stage, which meant that Arashi members would be talking to him when we walked by and not paying attention to the crowd, aaaaah!!!! So we were desperate, lol ;^^ When we got out there MatsuJun was talking to Higashiyama-san and Aiba was trying to be a good boy and pay attention to them. While Oh-chan was more easily distract-able, lol. aishitsuzukeru had her little Uta no oniisan laminated card that she made, so she tried to wave it at him while we yelled "Ohno-kun~!!!" frantically, lol. But it must have been too small, 'cause he looked at us, looked confused, pursed his lips at us and did a little "Ok, crazy gaijin..." wave down really low (possibly so Higashiyama-sempai wouldn't notice since he was standing between him and Jun, haha!!) And then we tried to scream at Aiba and he looked over twice but in a kind of panic-y "OMG, people screaming my name, but I need to pay attention to sempai, can't do two things at once!" kind of way, lol. Sorry Aiba-chan XD

And then we were ushered out... bye-bye to all you lovely JE boys~ It only took us three days of our lives, almost no sleep, and a total of over 20 hours of walking to see you~ And still the best moment was on the first day within the first hour of the event, lol ;^^ But it was fun and quite an experience that we will definitely remember for a long time!

And now it's time for me to sleep for the next three days ;^^

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  • Another case of fandoms crossing?

    So, this is totally random and pointless, but I had to tell someone about it, so here you go. Anyway, yesterday after I went to the immigration…

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