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It's Baystorm time again~

Let's see... my favorite part about today's episode was the talk about going to the movies together again, hehe. The show starts with them talking about going to see Platina Data together like they did with Ao no Honoo and ends with Nino's turning STBY down with the line "Sorry I've got work on that day", lol. But the story about Ao no Honoo was cute! They had talked about the fact that they went to see it together before, but this time they went into more detail and apparently the reason they went together was after the stage greetings Nino and STBY were in the dressing room together eating hamburgers (LOL XD) and Nino decided that he wanted to go see the movie, but STBY thought that he shouldn't go alone "in case something happens" (lol, I assume that "something" means him getting mobbed by fans or something like that) So that's why they ended up going together. And then no one noticed anyway, hehe. Anyway, I thought that story was cute ;^^ And I wonder if they will end up going to see Platina Data together too?

Anyway, for songs he played Breathless, Alright!! and Full of Love. I think my favorite song on the new single is Alright!! XDDD

And here is the file...

Baystorm 03-10

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