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So, I missed Baystorm last week because I got home too late after going to see the Hana-arashi tree in Odaiba, lol ;^^ But I am here this week :D Today I went to see Platina Data for the 3rd (and probably last?) time XD After watching it 3 times I'm still not sure how I feel about the movie, haha *failure* I mean... it's not a bad movie, but it didn't really strike me as being great either... though of course Nino is very good and I did enjoy seeing it more than once to pick out the changes in expression he does for the two personalities. But I think the story is lacking something... it's too easy to figure out who the killer is for one and there is not enough development of the characters' relationships I think. Though the original story apparently ends differently so maybe the book is better? Anyway, I think that's enough babbling... on to the actual point of this post!

This week's episode, let's see... I kind of liked his talk regarding the question of whether or not he wants to get married, though it's hard to explain why, lol. And umm... after all that babbling about Platina Data I forgot the rest of what I was going to say *failure*

For songs he played Calling, Alright! and Breathless...

And here's the file...

Baystorm 04-07

I think my ability to summarize has been failing quite a lot lately... I'm gonna blame the fact that I always seem to be exceedingly sleepy by around 10:00 all the time now ;^^
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