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Arashi translation~

So, I was just reading this article posted by jesychan in a_ra_shi and for some reason I really loved the Q&A section and decided on a whim to translate it xD So, two hours later, we have...

Arashi answers the questions you all want to hear!
Love/Dream Q & A 20
All 5 members give their sincere answers about love and dreams.
Which answer will be your number 1 heart throb (mune-kyun)!?

Q1. On a first date, 1. What will you wear? 2. What kind of clothes do you want your girlfriend to wear?
Matsumoto: I don't have anything in particular. Lately I've become kind of lazy, so we should both wear something easy!
Ohno: Both of us should dress kind of rough. Number 1 would be a T-shirt, and number 2, rather than a skirt, I think pants would be better.
Sakurai: Number 1 would be the same as I usually dress. And for Number 2, more than clothing I'm happy if she pays more attention to her hair-style and nails.
Aiba: Both of us should dress casually. As long as we keep in mind TPO it should be fine.
Ninomiya: Number 1 would be something that will work for any kind of situation. And for number 2, as long as I can feel that she's trying her best anything is fine!

**note: TPO stands for Time, Place, and Occation. One of the many "English" phrases that are used in Japanese but not English, lol.

Q2. 1. What do you want a girl to say to you and 2. What would you say to make a girl fall for you?
Matsumoto: For both a good strategy would be complimenting some trait that has a "gap". For example, something like "Surprisingly, you're really......."
Ohno: Number 1, "It's great that you caught so many fish." Number 2, "You've already fallen for me!" (laughs)
Sakurai: Number 1, "When do you sleep?". Number 2, something like "When we're together I always forget the time."
Aiba: Number 1, "You're so great!" works for any situation (laughs). Number 2, "Can I follow you?
Ninomiya: "You're really great" would make me happy. And number 2 is a secret. If I tell you I wont be able to use it when the time comes (laughs)

**note: In Japanese the word "gap" is used to mean when someone does something that is different than what you imagine they would do. For example if there's this really tough looking guy, but in reality he loves puppies and kittens, that is a "gap", lol.
Also, Aiba's "Can I follow you" sounds kind of like a stalker in English, lol. But in Japanese it's actually very sweet. Like "is it ok for me to be with you?", kind of shy sounding.

Q3. What's your ideal proposal?
Matsumoto: After I surprise her with something touching, I'll ask straightforward!
Ohno: "Marry me!" Nothing else is necessary, right? (laughs)
Sakurai: I'll give her a marriage certificate and say "Sign here please" (laughs).
Aiba: I'll try asking nonchalantly "Should we get married?"!
Ninomiya: Naturally without being overbearing. The actual words are sealed until the day comes (smirks).

Q4. Tell us your plan for an Anniversary date!
Matsumoto: Spending the whole day at an amusement park. The date starts from when I go pick her up!
Ohno: I'll make some kind of trinket or accessory by hand, and give it as a present!
Sakurai: At the restaurant I'll reserve a surprise dessert!
Aiba: I'll charter a helicopter! I'll ask my friend who works for the company though (laughs).
Ninomiya: We'll go around to a bunch of out "memorial spots", like the place we first met.

Q5. What is your weakness in love?
Matsumoto: I guess it's the fact that I tend to put more importance on hanging out with my friends.
Ohno: It might be that I'm not good with people who ruin my "pace".
Sakurai: I think my weak point is that I don't have a "strong point" (embarrassed smile)
Aiba: I get too excited about things and it kind of tires people out......
Ninomiya: I'm sorry to say but...... I have no weakness. (smirks)!

Q6. Of the different parts of a woman's body, where do your eyes tend to go?
Matsumoto: I guess the butt (laughs). I like a tight butt!
Ohno: Everything (laughs). If she gives off a natural feeling it's perfect.
Sakurai: The upper arm. Unlike men, women's upper arms have a soft feeling, that's the key.
Aiba: The waist. In the summer when I see a girl in a bathing suit, my eyes just go there (laughs).
Ninomiya: Nice hands. It doesn't matter is she paints her nails or not.

Q7. What's your ideal 1. wedding ceremony and 2. honeymoon?
Matsumoto: A wedding in Hawaii --> then straight to the Honeymoon. Maybe I'll have the other members sing a medley at the wedding (laughs).
Ohno: Whatever style we decided on by discussing it together. If we have different opinions I'll be the one to give in.
Sakurai: For number 1, a full course of Ceremony --> After-party --> 2nd after party. Number 2, someplace that has memories for both of us would be good.
Aiba: I'd like to have a ceremony with just the two of us, but also a big ceremony with lots of guests would be nice. I can't choose! And for number 2, relaxing on some tropical island would be ideal.
Ninomiya: I'd do whatever she wants, 100%! If she tells me what she's hoping for I'll try to think of how to do it and make her dream come true!

Q8. You're girlfriend asks you to do these things, which ones would you be OK with? A. Pair look (dressing alike), B. Saying "I love you", C. Riding a Merry-go-round?
Matsumoto: A is a bit embarrassing (laughs). As for the other 2, I'll do my best!
Ohno: If she asks me, I'll do all three. I'll be a little bit opposed to A though.
Sakurai: A is a little iffy. B seems like I would end up saying it a bit stiffly (laughs). C is OK!
Aiba: All 3 are OK! I think I'd have fun doing them (laughs)
Ninomiya: No problem at all. If it's what she wants I'll do it!

Q9. What kind of e-mail (text message) would you be happy to get from a girl?
Matsumoto: It really hits me when a girl who doesn't usually watch TV sends her opinion about about one of my shows.
Ohno: If I get a message saying "I watched it" right after a live broadcast, I think "Alright!!" (laughs)
Sakurai: Something like "Don't catch a cold". If she sounds like she's concerned about my health, I'm weak to phrases like that.
Aiba: Mails with smiley faces or heart marks, I'm happy if she adds emoji (emoticons).
Ninomiya: Really excited sounding mails. Because you can only get those from girls, right?

Q10. What is the difference between "koi" and "ai"?
Matsumoto: "Koi" is a condition of the heart. "Ai" is something that has no form, I guess.
Ohno: "Koi" has a kind of cute feeling. "Ai" is something deeper.
Sakurai: The difference is whether or not you can accept your partner for who they are even with their weaknesses.
Aiba: Eeeeeh, I don't know! I want someone to tell me~ (at a loss)!
Ninomiya: They're written differently (without thinking)! ...... also, one is for single use, while the other is for double.

**note: The best translation I could come up with is koi = romance, ai = love. But it's hard to translate the difference between the two words. Just as it was hard for them to describe the difference.

Q11. What memories do you have from the various places you've traveled?
Matsumoto: The food always leaves a big impression. I'd like to go to some more famous tourist spots.
Ohno: Going fishing in Tsushima in Nagasaki. The people there were so kind~.
Sakurai: The outdoor music event in Kouchi. Regee music makes me feel so good.
Aiba: All of the scenery. If we're talking about food, it's the Basashi (horse sashimi) in Kumamoto and the Mentaiko in Fukuoka.
Ninomiya: It's a location overseas but, I'll never forget the yakiniku (barbecue) in Korea and the Shorompo (xiao long bao/dumplings) in Taiwan!

Q12. What would you want to do if you became a girl for 1 day?
Matsumoto: First of all I'd put on a bikini and stand in front of the mirror!
Ohno: Fall in love! I wonder what it would feel like to fall in love with a guy (laughs).
Sakurai: I'd like to try wearing Furisode (a kind of formal kimono). Those are really difficult to put on, right?
Aiba: I'd do something that guys can't do. Like experience the pain of giving birth, or something.
Ninomiya: Well, I guess I'd touch my breasts (laughs). All guys would do the same thing, right~!?

Q13. Tell us about a dream you often have, or a dream you've had recently!
Matsumoto: A dream I've had a bunch of times is a one where I'm being attacked by some kind of bug and it punches holes in my body.
Ohno: I was attacked by a Tsunami in a dream. But I was saved so it was a happy ending.
Sakurai: I often had a dream where I was stuck in a whirlpool spinning around and around. It was really scary~!
Aiba: Right before a concert, I often have dreams of us having fun up on stage performing.
Ninomiya: I guess I have a lot of nightmares. But I'm able to change the outcome of my dreams.

Q14. What's something you've gotten recently that made you happy?
Matsumoto: A Panama hat! I wanted to fully enjoy the feeling of summer.
Ohno: This is going back quite a ways but, I'd say my fishing rods.
Sakurai: A black electric fan. It was perfect in the middle of summer~
Aiba: A peach (laughs). I just took a huge bite out of the whole thing.
Ninomiya: A game that I got as a birthday present!

Q15. What is your favorite place in your house?
Matsumoto: My desk. It's the place I do all of my thinking.
Ohno: My bed. I like to sit there watching fishing shows.
Sakurai: I guess it has to be the living room. It's the place where the whole family gets together.
Aiba: The dinning room table. I always feel relaxed sitting there.
Ninomiya: In front of the TV. It's a blissful place where I enjoy video games and music.

Q16. If you won a million dollars in the lottery, how would you spend it?
Matsumoto: I think I would only use half of it for myself. But I would want to buy a huge plot of land!
Ohno: I don't really use money. I'd give it to my parents and let them decide (laughs).
Sakurai: I'd buy a resort villa near the ocean and surrounded by nature, where I could have huge BBQ parties.
Aiba: I'd reserve a Theme park for a whole day and go all out with a bunch of friends!
Ninomiya: I'd put the whole thing in the bank. I enjoy the action of "saving"~

Q17. If you were a home appliance, what would you be?
Matsumoto: A vacuum! Because I always absorb everything I can. I'll suck and suck~ (laughs). (**note: This doesn't sound as dirty in Japanese, lol)
Ohno: Hmmm.... is there any home appliance that has a sturdy relaxing feel (pondering)!?
Sakurai: (Following Matsumoto-kun's example) I'd be a hot plate. I'll grill and grill~ (laughs).
Aiba: A computer. If you want to look something up I'll have the answer... at least that's what I want to be like (laughs).
Ninomiya: The latest model television. (Bragging) After all the image looks really nice, doesn't it!?

Q18. What's something you hate or something scary that makes you say "I just can't handle this!"?
Matsumoto: When you can hear the flapping of insects wings. It's such a gross feeling.
Ohno: Sharks, bears, and lions. I feel like they're going to eat me.
Sakurai: More and more, I continue not being able to handle high places......
Aiba: Lizards I guess. I didn't mind them at all when I was a kid though!
Ninomiya: Bees. It hurts when they sting you. If I encounter one I'll definitely run!

Q19. What would you do if you got a month long vacation?
Matsumoto: 5 days to prepare --> 20 day trip to Europe --> 5 days of rehabilitation (laughs).
Ohno: Go to a tropical island, or stay pent up at home. Something laid-back is the best~
Sakurai: I want to go on a safari in Africa and experience Regee in South America!
Aiba: I'd want to try out various kinds of part time jobs! Like making yakisoba at a beachside shop!
Ninomiya: I think I'd lay around the house saying "I want to work~~"

Q20. Who is someone you respect?
Matsumoto: My friends. Even if we're all different, I get great inspiration from them.
Ohno: I respect anyone who perseveres at what they believe in.
Sakurai: Someone who never forgets their dreams even after growing up. I'm impressed when I meet someone like that.
Aiba: Of course it's Arashi! All 4 of them!
Ninomiya: Regardless of age or gender, everyone I have met in my life up until now!
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  • VSA picpam~!

    So, it's taken me a while, but finally here is my picspam of screencaps from last week's VSA :D If you haven't been reading my journal lately and…

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